Ignition Interlock

If you’re looking for breathalyzer installation for your vehicle, look no further than TAS Tire & Automotive. We carry the best ignition interlock devices. Our trained technicians are available to install the best ignition interlock devices to customers in Ogden, UT, Layton, UT, Roy, UT, and surrounding areas throughout Northern Utah.

What is a Breathalyzer?
A breathalyzer is the brand name for a device that estimates blood alcohol content (BAC) from a breath sample. To use a breathalyzer, blow through the mouthpiece for approximately 5 seconds. The device will indicate when to start and stop blowing. The sensor in the device measures the alcohol level in the deep lungs. The value is then converted into the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) measurement.

We Carry and Install the Best

We carry the most user friendly ignition interlock devices on the market. Drivers trust TAS Tire & Automotive to install ignition interlock devices, as we carry the best products are the best in the industry. TAS Tire & Automotive offers the best car breathalyzers, at affordable prices. Our professionals will install the interlock devices, ensuring your breathalyzer will work optimally.

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